Anti-Displacement Plan

Clackamas County, OR

Retain existing small businesses while making a more walkable, mass transit-friendly community.

Park Avenue light rail station is an extension of public transportation provided by Trimet of Portland to the small community of Oak Grove in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Seeing this new addition to the community as an opportunity to bolster the local economy, the County had an overall vision and goal to encourage private real estate investment within a 1/2-mile radius of the light rail station.

Knowing that an influx of new real estate could lead to gentrification, county leadership desired to partner with the community to create updated land-use development and design standards for the area. They also wanted to understand how existing businesses could benefit from new investments without displacement.

Our solution was to partner with Microenterprise Services of Oregon (MESO), meet with community business owners, and identify the possible barriers they may face with the County’s plans. Once the meetings were complete, we used the information gathered to provide recommended actions that would engage business owners and avoid displacement.

Goal: Stabilize local businesses against potential impacts of gentrification.

Challenge:  Provide solutions to work directly with business owners and avoid gentrification.

Solution:  Bridge designed an outreach method to help the client overcome communication barriers and develop new relationships with local businesses.

Outcome:  Our client obtained a clear direction regarding business engagement and developed tools to support small businesses.

Client: Clackamas County, Oregon

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