Restaurant Attraction Strategy

City of Beaverton, OR

Create a more vibrant downtown to attract skilled talent to live and work within the city.

The City of Beaverton is home to Nike and several technology companies highly dependent on the creative and skilled talent willing to relocate. Business leaders saw the need for more desirable amenities inside the city to retain and attract talent. 

We developed a Restaurant Attraction Strategy to provide the data and the direction city staff needed to implement new programs. By helping the city focus strategically on one central node in the downtown district, they created a meaningful impact and significant results for businesses and the community.

Goal:  Attract and retain talent into the growing technology and design sector. 

Solution:  Prepare a strategy for desired restaurants to target and where they should go in the city.

Outcome:  The City of Beaverton has attracted 14 new restaurants to its downtown core. 

Client:  City of Beaverton, Oregon 

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