Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Greater Portland Inc

Foster an equitable and resilient economy.

Our team supported Greater Portland Inc (GPI) and Metro to collaborate with business, education, and civic leaders to form an economic development strategy for a bi-state, multi-county region. Building on their current efforts, our primary focus was to address inequality, resilience, and sustainable economic growth with an action-oriented plan.

In reviewing the data, we decided to work outside of the traditional industry cluster analysis to build a unique model that would meet our client’s goals and provide a clear direction for the strategy.

As a result, we were able to provide GPI and Metro with a stakeholder-driven action plan based on their vision, values, and objectives, with clear deliverables and timelines for each organization to complete.

See the Greater Portland Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) to help the region become an equitable, innovative, resilient and forward-thinking economy that fosters upward economic mobility for individuals and prosperity for businesses.

Goal:  Create opportunities for economic prosperity for all across the region.

Challenge:  Align diverse interests and perspectives about economic development needs and solutions.

Solution:  We were able to present data-based findings and direction with intentional engagement and feedback from the stakeholders. The objective analysis fostered a shared understanding and guidance for numerous stakeholders with various perspectives and ideas on how to grow the economic base. 

Outcome: The fostering of regional understanding and cohesive direction regarding equitable economic growth.

Client: Greater Portland, Inc and Metro

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