Economic Opportunities Analysis (EOA)

City of The Dalles, OR

Encouraging economic development through state analysis mandates.

The State of Oregon requires cities statewide to prepare an Economic Opportunities Analysis to determine if there is enough employment land to meet job growth forecasts. 

As land availability is only one aspect of economic development, we decided to build on the state’s required information to provide a more comprehensive economic development strategy. As a result, we produced economic development actions to improve the talent pipeline and support existing traded sector industries within the city.

Goal:  Produce economic development actions to improve the talent pipeline.

Challenge: The City of The Dalles was not actively engaged in economic development efforts.

Solution:  Leverage the process of the EOA to educate and engage regional stakeholders to consider economic development strategies beyond land supply.

Outcome:  Since land supply management takes time to develop and is not required by all industries, we produced an EOA that allows the city to implement economic development actions focusing beyond vacant land supply management. 

Client: City of The Dalles, Oregon

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