Economic Recovery Plan COVID-19 Response

Greater Portland Inc

Identify reasonable actions for immediate implementation to get people back to work.

Greater Portland, Inc needed a plan to stabilize small and medium businesses and deter continuing income inequality.

Stakeholders consistently conveyed a need for urgent response to help those suffering employment loss due to Covid-19.

With that focus in mind, we succinctly documented data and stakeholder feedback to determine the six main priorities that warrant a regional investment of time and funds. We used that data to produce a plan with an adaptable framework explaining the selection of specific recovery plan priorities and how to address them.

See the Greater Portland Recovery Plan that helps the region recover from the unprecedented impacts COVID-19 is having on the region’s businesses, workers, and families, especially in communities of color.

Goal: Stabilize local businesses and individuals against the economic impacts of COVID-19.

Challenge:  Create a recovery plan quickly, with meaningful community input and intentional direction.

Solution:  We provided data-driven priorities for consideration by an advisory committee of 74 individuals made up of a diverse set of organizations (service providers). Working with this group allowed us to leverage their current efforts and understanding of the need for the rapid recovery of impacted workers, especially those supporting Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) individuals.

Outcome:  Successful implementation of a strategic recovery plan to help those most impacted while ensuring public resources allocation effectively and efficiently.

Client: Greater Portland, Inc

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