Economic Vitality Strategy

City of Bozeman, MT

Align regional organizations to foster a resilient economy across Gallatin Valley, Montana.

The City of Bozeman is experiencing rapid population and economic growth as part of the larger Gallatin Valley region. The city needed an updated economic vitality strategy that leveraged all regional partners to serve existing residents so that future generations can continue to live and work in the area.

Their goal was to develop a strategy that continued to support the existing companies but also focused on actions to support under-represented and resourced people to foster an equitable economy.

Our team developed the Bozeman Economic Vitality Strategy  that includes comprehensive data summarizing industry and workforce strengths to identify opportunities. We then created a detailed action plan with identified responsible parties to meet regional goals and objectives.

Goal: City of Bozeman needed an updated regional strategy that would ensure all residents benefit from the booming economy.

Challenge: Diversify the economy from a heavy focus on tourism to enhance resilience and wealth creation opportunities for all residents. 

Solution: Bridge, in collaboration with EPS, developed key findings and data points to show why it is important to diversify and how to achieve that goal.

Outcome: Bridge worked with the city and regional organizations to develop and take ownership of tactical actions to achieve desired goals and objectives.

Client: City of Bozeman, Montana

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